We are a wellness center specialized in tantric therapies. We create exclusive techniques based
on the neotantric principles that can transform your energy and give you access to deep and

unknown pleasure sources.

Our team is constantly able to provide excellence in service.

We privilege comfort, discretion and exclusivity, that’s why we only attend with scheduled time.

We are a committed team to provide you a refreshing experience.

We think of all the details so that this moment can be deep relaxation and satisfaction.

Come and have the best Moema’s tantric massage.

Terapeuta Gisele


We believe tantra can transform relationships and bring better quality of life and benefits going
beyond those desired in the session. It is an intense energetic change bringing the feeling of

fullness and balance to yourself.

  Our space is differentiated, including trained therapists and exclusive therapies. We work the

tantric principles in a deep and intense way.

Our therapists are professionals able to provide a service with quality and excellence. The work
is focused on therapies and should be respected this way too.


We do not offer sex in the context
of our sessions and we kindly ask that people with this intention to look for specific places that
do not follow tantric principles and offer prostitution in disguise as massage. Neither Tantra nor us.